Our database contains all of the grants in New Zealand in the categories below – however you’ll only see the ones which are relevant to your geographic location, types of services and legal eligibility

  • Corporate Foundations
  • Family and other philanthropic trusts and foundations
  • Government established foundations
  • Community Foundations
  • Gambling trusts
  • Donor networks / Giving Circles
  • Trustee Companies
  • Service Clubs (RSLs etc)
  • Regional, District, Local Council Grants
  • Central Government Grants and Tenders
  • Some Corporate Social Responsibility endeavours and sponsorships

GEM Local is an online end to end grants management system, meaning not only does your organisation’s account show just those grants relevant to your organisation in a calendar format available online or downloaded into excel, it also allows you to record details on the applications you’re thinking about making or have made historically, meaning you have a centralised grants history of what’s been successful and unsuccessful and any funder feedback. While a database of grants sits behind GEM Local, your customised account cuts out the need to spend hours trawling through a grant list.

Email alerts about upcoming grant deadlines, changes to closing dates and new grants added that match your profile keep you on track with your applications.

In addition to the end to end grants management system, GEM Local subscribers receive invaluable learning tools to help with grants process including:

  • Half-hour “Introduction to Winning Grants” video on planning and process, required for grants success and including analysis of well written and poorly written answers to common application questions
  • A grant-success checklist
  • Application writing examples
  • Worksheets on key administration processes and important things to have on your website when grant-seeking
  • List of other online resources useful to small organisations.

In addition to all these unique features, the Strategic Grants Team are all nonprofit specialists so all our products and services are delivered by experts who have an exceptional track record.

You can share your login across your whole organisation, allowing anyone in your organisation access anywhere, anytime. As well as the email you sign up with, you can sign up two additional email addresses to receive alerts about grant closing dates/new grants.

Each calendar is customised to your organisation and new grants are always being added to our database so we can’t give you a number of grants you’ll see in your calendar, but we can tell you it is a rolling 12 month calendar containing all the grants you’re eligible for based on your geographic location, the types of projects/activities you do, and your legal eligibility.

GEM Local has a high level of customisation. You can permanently remove any grants from your calendar that you don’t think you’ll ever apply for. If you are seeing a large amount of irrelevant grants, you may need to refine your service categories in your account profile.

Your GEM Local subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of your subscription period. We will deduct recurring payments based on your initial subscription period and payment details.

In order to cancel your subscription, email us at [email protected]. Strategic Grants will process your cancellation and at your next subscription period you will not be charged and your GEM Local subscription will be ended.

Yes. In order to maintain the affordable price of GEM Local we are unable to provide other payment methods. We cannot provide payment by invoice.

Sure! Just head to http://demo.gemlocal.com to see how it can help your organisation.

Please note! GEM Local is not designed for individuals seeking grants for themselves, or for companies. It supports only nonprofit organisations raising less than $1.5 million per year.

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^ NZ$40 for New Zealand-based organisations, billed in NZD.